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How to Avoid Home Warranty Problems

If you want to avoid problems with your coverage, read your contract carefully!  Even the best companies with good intentions can end up in disputes with customers because of a simple misunderstanding.
Buying a new home warranty is much like buying an extended warranty on your refrigerator or car — there are a lot of questions to be asked.
Many states have different laws regarding  warranties. For example, in California, state law allows you to sue builders for general defects for up to four years after the home is completed. You can …

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I have insurance – do I need a warranty?

Homeowners insurance is a necessary product for your home, and in fact is required by nearly all mortgage lenders in order to protect their investment (your property).  A home warranty is a supplemental, optional type of coverage that can protect the homeowner against home systems (HVAC / Roofing / Etc) and appliance failures and spare the homeowner the replacement cost.
Homeowners insurance covers personal belongings and the entire house in case fire, theft, or natural disasters such as lightning, a tree falling, heavy snow damaging a roof etc.  A homeowners insurance …

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A home warranty is there to help protect you the seller. The home warranty also offers some insurance to the buyer of the home.
Normally whenever you apply for a mortgage loan, most lenders require that you have proof of insurance on your home. Often times what you think you are covered for, is not included in your policy, and things like electrical problems, heating and mold infestation are not covered. This can be stressful and these kinds of additional expenses will certainly not be welcome.
If you have a seller’s home …